Australia day

Happy Australia day everyone! It was yesterday, but anyway. 
My straya day started early, I was on kids in church in the morning. But it was fine, I was on with  Meg and we had lots of fun with the beautiful children. After church we went straight (well not that straight, but you get what I mean) to the weir. When we finally found Zack we had lunch (at the back of his ute, is there anything more australian haha), walked along the water and had a huuge ice cream. Yuumm. Then we went back to Albury, bought $1 frozen cokes at Hungry Jack's and went to the car wash to wash Mitch's car spontaneously. I got dropped home and after half an hour Keely came and picked me up. We went to float down the river with Eliza and Brooke. The float took an hour and it was soo good just floating in the sun and see the landscape pass by. After the float we went to maccas and I had the aussie burger of course, since it was australia day. I even the beetroot from Eliza's burger. We just hung around being silly at maccas and playing with Keely's ball until we got picked up at 9:30. Such a good and aussie australia day :D
Me and my australian flag // Meg and I // Lunch on the ute
Before going in to the river! Keely, me, Brooke and Eliza
They see me floating.. they hating // My aussie burger haha


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