last weekend

This is about the weekend one week ago, but wow, what a weekend! Was barely been home at all, but it was soso good. It started at waves, the pool, on friday evening. We went there with youth and had a lot of fun! It was a 40-degree day, so the pool was definatily the right place to be. After youth we met up with Mitch and picked up Mason before we went for a drive to the weir. That night sky, the stars were just amazing! Everything was so perfect. 
On saturday some of the year 12s in church went to the Youth Alive country leaders event. It was in Tatura, which is a 2 hour drive from Wodonga. It was a very intense and full-on day. After signing in the day started with a session, normal service with worship and Preaching by Ps Corey Turner (again). Almost feels like we're friends now when I've been listening to him so much the last couple of weeks haha. But he is really really good and my hostmum has ordered his book too! Then we had some afternoon tea before a second meeting where Ps Mikes was peraching. His sister is married to our senior pastor. Then we had elective sessions, I went to one with Ps Corey and one with Ps Adam from our church. Then we had dinner and after that we were supposed to go home, but Bethany, Zack and I decided (probs more God's decision than ours) to stay on the final meeting and go home with Dean and Lendel. The meeting was amazing. The presence of God was so thick you could almost feel it, and Lendel spoke heaps of stuff over my life. Afterwards we met some nice new friends and then we headed home, and had a really good chat in the car. We came home at like 12:30 and I was on kids in church the next morning. But it felt good to help out and step into a leader roll after being on a leaders event. Felt sorry for Zack though who was on band and had to be in church at 8. 
On the evening service Kelsey spoke a bit about Denmark, and instead of preaching some people from youth spoke. They were so good and inspiring! 
Meg, me, Beth
Evening service in church, Ps Mik, Jodi (my connect group leader), Abi, Rochelle, Zack and Lendel
Everyone in our group was there! Zack, Jeremy, Caleb, Kelsey, Bethany, Abigail, me, Rochelle, Jess and Meg


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